Octopus balls

 Octopus balls 的做法
Pancake mix 100 g
eggs 1
To taste the water 2 g salt + 2 g crystal wood fish + 150 g water
Cabbage leaf 2 ~ 3
Octopus grain 10 star
Salad dressing Appropriate amount
The sauce Barbecue sauce + oyster sauce + flavor drench
Seaweed powder Appropriate amount
Wooden fish spend Appropriate amount
  • Step 1

    First, make the seasoning water and sauce: pour salt, wooden fish crystal and water into a small pot, heat until the particles and water are completely integrated, and remove the seasoning water from the fire to cool. Take another small pot, into the barbecue gravy, oyster sauce and flavor drenching mix, heat to slightly boil can; Cooling reserve;

  • Step 2

    Knock the eggs into the basin to beat, pour in the cooling seasoning water and mix well, sift the pancake powder, use the manual egg beater to stir until there is no powder or particles, let it sit for half an hour; Cut octopus into 2cm square large, into the boiling water with ginger, cooking wine and salt blanch spare; Wash cabbage leaves and cut into thin shreds.

  •  Octopus balls 的做法
    Step 3

    Octopus burn mold heating, each hole brush oil; Pour the batter into a measuring cup with an oil nozzle. Add 5-6 minutes of batter through each hole. Put in octopus pieces and sprinkle with cabbage shreds.

  •  Octopus balls 的做法
    Step 4

    After the above operation is completed, the batter at the bottom of the mold has been formed. At this time, as long as the bamboo skewer is slightly selected, the whole meatball can be turned over. At the same time, the batter and shredded vegetables at the edges can be scraped into the hole with the bamboo skewer.

  •  Octopus balls 的做法
    Step 5

    After the balls are fully formed, brush the balls one by one with an oil brush, and rotate the balls in all directions to get the oil. Brush oil is to add flavor, while making the appearance of the ball crisp; Serve hot, drizzled with sauce and salad dressing, sprinkled with Shanghai moss powder and wood fish.


Pancake flour is similar to premix, so there is no need to add starch and baking powder and so on. With octopus pellets is good, chewing very exciting good addiction; If not, use squid instead. Often do accumulated a little careful, is the initial pour batter, immediately add octopus, cabbage, etc., and then use a skewer stir, so that the material in the round hole mixture, do not worry about will destroy the shape, on the contrary, the whole ball of batter and filling will be distributed evenly, eat better; The surface brush oil must not omit, this is the key to delicious meatballs; The sauce that pours into finally can make oneself also can buy off-the-peg, depend on the material that oneself prepare and decide; In fact, the sauce is not demanding, as long as the taste of their own.


Octopus balls