Sauteed meat with crisp lettuce skin

 Sauteed meat with crisp lettuce skin 的做法
Lettuce peel Appropriate amount
pork Small amount
chili Small amount
Chopped hot pepper A small spoon
Green ginger garlic Appropriate amount
  • Step 1

    Separate the lettuce: cut the lettuce lengthwise, then use a small knife to slowly remove the skin

  • Step 2

    Processing lettuce skin: first with added salt Amoy rice water soak for a day, and then before the pot with warm water bubble ~ so that you can take out the astringency of lettuce skin. Be careful not to heat the water too hot, or the lettuce skin will not be crisp, or, after soaking the warm water, go through the cold water again ~ this step is the most complex step, but also the most critical step.

  • Step 3

    Pan fry open: oil heat, add chopped meat, then stir before acceleration in salt (small), vinegar (less), (moderate), shredded ginger, then began to stir, flesh color, add pepper stir a few times, in a leading role "cut into the lettuce skin", stirring after a few laps, add in chopped hot pepper, chili bean sauce, stir in circles and add 1 tablespoon of water, salt, garlic, chives, stir fry a few laps later, has been haunting aromas, saliva dc, try taste, sure good dish up.


1. Why did I add dried chilli in the picture? First, mother put the meat into a bowl with sugar, dry pepper can be combined with sweet; Second, I am a very hot hunan sister... Someone who ate it couldn't guess it was asparagus lettuce. Crispy, no astringency, eat a bowl, can also eat a bowl! Can't lose weight happily completely!!


Sauteed meat with crisp lettuce skin