Celery burns chicken wings

 Celery burns chicken wings 的做法
  • Step 1

    Chop chicken wings or whole can also, add dark soy sauce, ginger marinate for 30 minutes, and then cut celery

  • Step 2

    Pot with cooking oil, heated to 80% heat, and then put ginger and garlic explosion, eat spicy can put pepper

  • Step 3

    Add chicken wings and stir-fry until discolorated. Add Lao gan ma or bean paste and stir-fry well

  • Step 4

    Add stock or water, no chicken wing braising

  • Step 5

    About half an hour braising, basically there is no soup in the pot, put celery and green Onions fry for a minute, add sugar and salt seasoning




Celery burns chicken wings