Xuzhou handle pork (comprehensive version)

 Xuzhou handle pork (comprehensive version) 的做法
The pig to a
Onion ginger, chili Appropriate amount
Cooking spice I bought it in a matching small package
White eggs, quail eggs All five
Semi-rotted vegetables More or less, depending on the individual
Small rape More or less, depending on the individual
Kelp tablet More or less, depending on the individual
Frozen bean curd According to the personal
  • Step 1

    Pork belly whole piece over the boiling water, to fishy, boiled until broken, fished out into thin slices, about 56 mm thick, about 10 cm long, wide 4 to 5 cm... Slice the meat with dark soy sauce

  • Step 2

    The pot into the oil, heat into the meat slightly Fried, Fried until the meat golden brown, remove the dry oil

  • Step 3

    Vegetables washed clean, kelp cut large, dried plum vegetables cut into sections, about 10 cm or so... Cut the chilli, spring onion and ginger and set aside

  • Step 4

    Leave a little of the oil in the meat and add the chilli, scallions, ginger, and spices (cinnamon, bay leaves, sichuan peppercorns, star anise, etc.). I bought it with a good), put in four or five pieces of rock sugar, quickly stir fry, fry out the fragrance sheng out

  • Step 5

    Look for a small casserole. I use an electric casserole. Pan bottom yard a little Fried Onions and ginger and other base material, and then the meat shop into a layer, and then cover a layer of dried plum vegetables, and then the shop with a layer of Shanghai, plus a layer of frozen tofu, the top put eggs and quail eggs... Pour another layer of onion and ginger base... Finally, pour in water, water just over the egg, and then add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, appropriate to add some old color...

  • Step 6

    Blanch the canola in boiling water, remove and set aside

  • Step 7

    Bring to a boil on a high heat, then bring to a low heat, simmer, and after about an hour and a half add the blanched rapeseed. Another half hour or so can be out of the pot


After the pot must slowly simmer, this is very tasty meat, not greasy small rape can not be put in early, easy to overcook Fried meat when the attention to safety... I was splashed with hot oil and it hurt. PS: the picture above shows what it looked like when it was first put into the pot... After cooking, the color will not be so bright, will be a little dark, because the soup with dark soy sauce


Xuzhou handle pork (comprehensive version)