Shredded radish wrap

 Shredded radish wrap 的做法
  • Step 1

    Weigh all the materials. Mix bread flour with sugar and salt in a large clean bowl. The yeast is split with warm water and evenly divided. Pour into a flour bowl and mix with the bread flour.

  • Step 2

    Mix the dough with your hands until you have 3 lights, hand light, face light, and basin light, about 15 minutes. Cover with a towel and let rise in the oven at about 30 degrees for about 40 minutes until the dough is twice the size.

  • Step 3

    Remove the fermented dough, dust the clean cutting board with powder, squeeze the dough to form bubbles, cut the dough evenly into six pieces with a knife, and set aside the dough. When the dough is expanded again, use a rolling pin to roll it into a round piece. Wrap the radish and steam it. The second wake up about half an hour. Steam in a boiling pot for about 20 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Shredded radish production: the choice of fresh white radish, peeled, carefully cut into thin wire, salted for half an hour, squeezed dry water. Add fresh chili oil, some more appropriate (radish oil absorption), a small amount of sugar, salt, seasoning powder (five spice powder), chicken essence, mix well.


The finer the radish is cut, the better it is. If the knife work is not good, you can wipe it directly. Although the taste is not as good as cutting it. Salt curing is to remove the raw astringency of radish! Mix good turnip silk wrap not over, also can next rice, it is cold mix turnip silk.


Shredded radish wrap