Eggs filled pie

 Eggs filled pie 的做法
  • Step 1

    Add a little salt in the flour and mix into the right amount water boiled with chopsticks stir into no powder snowflake somewhat cold hands knead it into a smooth dough after Xing cover with plastic wrap and 30 minutes

  • Step 2

    Egg beaten into egg liquid add chopped green onion and appropriate amount of salt and stir well; (the one on the right is the funnel. It can be sold in ordinary life supermarkets.)

  • Step 3

    Xing good on the chopping board knead the dough into a cord then average is divided into six small sub-agent

  • Step 4

    Small dosage form son by flat sprinkle with a little flour, with a rolling pin rolling into about 0.2 cm thick dough dough dough edge slightly thin

  • Step 5

    Apply a little oil to the center of one of the two dough wrappers and a little water to the edges. Be careful to leave a small area on the edges. Do not apply water (insert a funnel).

  • Step 6

    Then cover the oily and watery dough with another sheet of ungreased dough. (don't roll out the dough the same size? It doesn't matter to cut off the extra part with a knife. Press the edges tightly with your fingers (don't press on the unpainted area, better lift it up a bit in case you can't find it later)

  • Step 7

    In the pan, put the cookie dough into the pan with a little oil brush (don't fire or it will get too hot) and then put the funnel through the small opening at the edge of the cookie dough

  • Step 8

    Pour the appropriate amount of egg liquid into the funnel (about one egg is poured into a cake). After the egg liquid is completely poured into the cake embryo, carefully pull out the funnel and pinch the small mouth to close

  • Step 9

    At this point you can open the pot and add a little more oil in the small fire will be the egg filling cake Fried yellow side after turning over the last Fried until golden brown on both sides of the middle bulge cooked out of the spoon cut into a plate can be


1. When mixing noodles, add water slowly and separately, stirring with chopsticks while adding water to better grasp the water consumption; 2. The edge of the cake embryo must be pressed tightly so that the egg won't flow out; The best way to do this is to put the egg in the pan like I did and then put the egg in the pan and if you put the egg in the pan before you put the egg in the pan the egg is going to come out as the egg is moving; 3. When pouring the egg through a funnel, pinch the place where the dough comes into contact with the funnel to avoid the egg dropping out of the mouth. 4. Cut the scallions as finely as possible to avoid blocking the funnel; 5. Do not roll out the dough so that it will not affect the taste; 6. Do not overheat the pancake to avoid burning.


Eggs filled pie