Mother's mutton soup

 Mother's mutton soup 的做法
mutton A kilo
The onion Half of the root
ginger Six pieces of
aniseed three
chili Three! I didn't. My son can't eat spicy food
salt Appropriate amount
  • Step 1

    Mutton a catty, wash with water, cut into thin strips, two or three cm wide, standby

  • Step 2

    Half casserole water, put large pieces of mutton into the water, open the fire, carefully skim the dirt and foam, put the mutton folder out on a clean plate of water, turn off the fire, the soup in the casserole is the most important, do not pour out!

  • Step 3

    Such as mutton cool point, the mutton to change the knife, cut two cm size, a piece of meat, the knife after the mutton into the soup again in the casserole, fire, put Onions, ginger, aniseed, pepper, stew together for two hours!

  •  Mother's mutton soup 的做法
    Step 4

    Two hours later, put the right amount of salt, a pot of fragrant mutton soup on the stew, I generally refrigerated part, the rest of the part, put the cut cabbage stew together, a cooked cabbage can eat meat and drink soup, good happiness!


1, don't start to cut the mutton into small pieces, stew out of the taste is not fragrance 2, stew after the salt, the taste will be better 3, according to the family like to put pepper, want to eat hot, can put pepper oil when you eat, is a good choice!


Mother's mutton soup