Salted fish and tofu in clay pot

 Salted fish and tofu in clay pot 的做法
  • Step 1

    Salt fish section with warm water washed into diced; Cut the bean curd into small pieces and soak it in boiled water with salt for 2 minutes to remove the fishy smell

  • Step 2

    There is salty chicken at home, cut into pieces; Shred the green peppers; Dry red pepper seeded; Cut shallots into sections and finely chop shallots. Prepare 2 slices of ginger and 2 cloves of garlic

  • Step 3

    Salt diced fish into the pan Fried until golden brown remove; Leave a little oil in the pot, saute ginger slices, garlic and scallion, pour in chicken and salted fish stir-fry, stir in rose wine to fishy; Pour in half a bowl of water and let the salted fish and chicken pieces boil to taste

  •  Salted fish and tofu in clay pot 的做法
    Step 4

    Put the hot tofu in the pot, pour the salted fish and soup into the pot, add green pepper and dry red pepper, cover and stew for a few minutes to make the tofu tasty, sprinkle in the chopped green onion before turning off the heat and serve

  •  Salted fish and tofu in clay pot 的做法
    Step 5

    It is easy to make rose dew wine. Prepare a bottle of high-alcohol wine and soak the dried rose flowers for 2 weeks. This wine is said to have a good antifishy effect, can be used to cook seafood ingredients, can also be used to make dessert


Chicken, green pepper are not deliberately prepared. Rose dew wine if the home has material might as well make a bit, there is light rose aroma; No word with cooking wine to fishy also line; The tofu is soaked in salt water and cooked in a pot with salted fish.


Salted fish and tofu in clay pot