Super egg buns

 Super egg buns 的做法
  • Step 1

    Super egg steamed rice is sweet and tender outside the egg fragrance, mouth is meat flavor rich sauce flavor, aftertaste is still some fresh taste, let a simple Fried rice instantly became a feast, today cooking network two steps to teach you how to cook egg steamed rice. Loose rice taste good, omelet full shape, ingredients with eggs, ham, tomato, green beans, Onions, carrots, and paste, cut all the raw material ChengXiaoDing, rice is in the refrigerator frozen first, put the grain moisture volatilizes, such Fried out will not be sticky sticky, if fresh rice frozen at least half an hour, down to the bottom of the oil into the pan, add garlic until fragrant, then add carrot, tomato, ham, green beans, Onions, more professional characteristics snacks technology in qq329209338 space, add the special soy sauce, beef paste, salt, pepper, stir well, add rice, Stir well and serve. Set aside.

  • Step 2

    Then put the eggs into the bowl, add a little salt, such a muscle, a spoonful of starch, add the right amount of milk, to the < a rel = nofollow target = _blank > < a > down to the bottom of oil in the pan, pour egg liquid, must be slowly fry over low heat, such as egg cake forming, turn off the heat into the Fried rice, roll up in one direction is ok, all with the knife, into the pan, you try!




Super egg buns