Orange juice cake roll

 Orange juice cake roll 的做法
  • Step 1

    The egg yolks and the egg whites are kept separately in a container without water or oil. The egg whites are put into the freezer where they can be frozen for a while, which makes them more delicate and stable.

  •  Orange juice cake roll 的做法
    Step 2

    Pour the oil into the egg yolk and beat until smooth. Then pour in the orange juice and continue to stir until no oil or water separates. Then sift in the low powder, whisk with the egg, using the "Z" word way stir to fine and non-particle state.

  •  Orange juice cake roll 的做法
    Step 3

    Protein from the fridge and pour a few drops of white vinegar, 2-3 drops of vanilla, sugar in 3 additions, until frothy state sugar for the first time, second time continue to send to appear a little grain, add sugar, when the grain is a little obvious for the third time to join the rest of the sugar and beat until protein luster, delicate, take out the egg head, a state can be hooked.

  •  Orange juice cake roll 的做法
    Step 4

    Preheat the oven first, and then preheat at the same time to beat the egg white, with a scraper to one-third of the egg yolk paste part, with the way to mix mix mix evenly, and then pour into the remaining egg white basin, turn and cut mix mix until the batter is fine and shiny a little thick without particles.

  •  Orange juice cake roll 的做法
    Step 5

    Pour into 3 can gold dish, the word that has scraper scratches batter level off, shake next bake dish, put preheat oven, my oven temperature is on the high side, with 140 degrees, fluctuation fire, middle-level 20 minutes can be good. After baking, put it on the hot hand, upside down, with a little touch of the hand is very easy to demoulding.


The temperature is for reference only. My oven is very hot. 140 degrees is estimated to be 160, 170 degrees. The temperature control is good, do not need to pad oil paper, directly with the gold plate baking towel bottom can also take off very well. Orange juice for water or milk


Orange juice cake roll