Steamed turbot fish

 Steamed turbot fish 的做法
turbot One
The onion Appropriate amount
ginger Three slices
Red pepper 0.5
Steamed fish in soy sauce Appropriate amount
Cooking wine Appropriate amount
Light soy sauce Appropriate amount
salt Appropriate amount
  •  Steamed turbot fish 的做法
    Step 1

    Prepare the green onion and red pepper, cut into sections and shred the red pepper.

  •  Steamed turbot fish 的做法
    Step 2

    Steam for 7 minutes, then turn off the heat and stew for another 5 minutes, pour out the water in the pan, then put fresh spring onion and red pepper, pour on a spoonful of lee kum kee bean drum fish oil, then burn a little hot oil and pour on, the delicious steamed turbot fish is ready!


Fish eyes: eyes: drum out after the representative of the fish has been steamed, steamed fish out of the soup must be poured out. If the plan saves trouble, be sure to buy lee kum kee fish oil drizzle.


Steamed turbot fish