Tomato potato soup three ð ©

 Tomato potato soup three ð © 的做法
  • Step 1

    Diced Onions, peeled tomatoes and cut into pieces, boiled potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces;

  • Step 2

    Onion in the pan, pour in tomatoes and potatoes Fried, add water, boil into soup, add salt, soup bottom is good;

  • Step 3

    Cook udon noodles, remove and pour into the bottom of the soup.

  • Step 4

    Top with the scalded vegetables and the cooked brisket and pork tongue.

  • Step 5

    Top with scallions.


1. Make sure the potatoes in the tomato and potato soup are cooked to powder. If you like the rich taste, you can add tomato sauce to taste. Tomato and potato soup is the highlight of the whole noodles. 2. & have spent Noodles can be udon noodles, oil noodles, semolina, fine noodles, instant noodles... Rice noodles, rice noodles, whatever. 3. & have spent What three ð © Œ can completely free play, up and up with any menu left yesterday, what food to add any food in the fridge, degree of freedom


Tomato potato soup three ð ©