Salmon braised bitter melon

 Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
Bitter melon a
Salmon fin 150 g
oil Two tablespoons
salt Small spoon
sugar A tablespoon of
Black pepper A small amount
Raw powder A spoon
The soy sauce Two tablespoons
Ginger, garlic Appropriate amount
Oyster sauce A spoon
  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 1

    Balsam pear cut, catch with salt, 10 minutes after washing, I am afraid of pesticides, with water once again immediately removed, should not be hot for long, will destroy the nutrition.

  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 2

    Wash salmon fin and marinate with soy sauce, cornstarch, salt, sugar and black pepper for 10 minutes.

  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 3

    Heat a skillet with oil, ginger and garlic until fragrant. Fry the salmon until both sides are golden brown and slightly burnt.

  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 4

    Add balsam pear and stir fry for a few times

  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 5

    Add water to half of the ingredients, color with oyster sauce, cover the pot and simmer over medium heat until dry.

  •  Salmon braised bitter melon 的做法
    Step 6

    Season the pan with salt and sugar and you're done. Such bitter melon absorbed the salmon juice, although bitter but also fragrant, very appetizing.


1, I buy the kind of surface more concave and convex ugly bitter melon, the kind of more bitter, so finally added more polysaccharide to cover up its bitter taste, the older generation said the more bitter bitter melon more nutritious, do not know whether it is true. 2. A bag of salmon fin bought in baijia supermarket costs 9.9 yuan. Two people can have two meals. You can replace it with salmon head, salmon bone stew, same recipe, same taste.


Salmon braised bitter melon