The front leg meat is steamed and dried

 The front leg meat is steamed and dried 的做法
Fresh front leg meat 500 g
fat 100 g
Fresh smoked bean curd 500 g
Bone soup A job
Lobster sauce A handful
Chili powder According to their own degree of spicy add
salt Appropriate amount
Light soy sauce Appropriate amount
Oyster sauce Appropriate amount
  • Step 1

    (to be filled) will dry with hot brine immersion (to the smell of beans) once removed and cut into four square, about two cm square, I just buy all six pieces, shop the bottom of the bowl, sprinkle with salt, a circle of light soy sauce, mix well;

  •  The front leg meat is steamed and dried 的做法
    Step 2

    Cut the meat of the front leg into thick chunks, sprinkle with thin salt and oyster sauce, let it stand for a while, cover with dried diced meat, cut the fat into small pieces and put them on the bed, pour in the bone soup, sprinkle a handful of fermented black beans, sprinkle with a layer of chili powder, put them in the ordinary steamer, bring to a boil over high heat, turn to medium heat and steam for 1.5 to 2 hours.


Q: with what? Answer: in fact, thick and thin smoked brine can be dried, soft and tender taste of the best, I use the kind of common square, steamed, dry will have a lot of honeycomb eyes, the taste of the meat all sucked in, super delicious; Q: why use forelegs? Answer: the front leg meat is fat and thin alternate with, the meat quality after steamed is fresh and fragrant and tender, love fat can change into pork belly, also is very good. (it is not recommended to use the hind leg meat, which is too woody and not tasty) 3. Why use the bone soup? Can I hold it? A: no bone broth is fine, but if you do, you'll know what amazing is! Can I use the pressure cooker? A: sure, it's a time-saving quick fix, but after you compare it with the slow-steaming method, you'll see how much the flavor is different...


The front leg meat is steamed and dried