Secret spicy crab

 Secret spicy crab 的做法
Male crab of liangzi lake 8 pieces (1 kg)
Green Chinese onion A period of
ginger 1 piece
garlic 10 disc
Green red pepper The two
octagon 1
cinnamon 1 piece
Dried chilli
Chinese prickly ash random
Light soy sauce 2 tablespoons, part A
vinegar 1 tablespoon, stock A
Cooking wine 2 tablespoons, part A
water 100 ml, A material
sugar 1 tablespoon, part A
Vegetable oil 60 ml, B
Carved wine 2 tablespoons, part B
Bean paste 1.5 tablespoons, part B
Lee kum kee hoisin sauce 1 tablespoon, part B
Sichuan spicy sauce 1.5 tablespoons, part B
Garlic and chilli sauce 1 tablespoon, part B
  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 1

    Put a small amount of water in the pool, add a big bowl of wine into it, then the crab will spit blisters, spit out the dirty things, after a dozen minutes on the vitality of a lot of decline, not happy to move. If the concentration of the wine is higher, the crab will pass out

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 2

    Put on a glove, carry crab leg from cistern, put a crab on chopping board, crab abdomen is faced up, use chopstick or kitchen knife to press crab with one hand, take long sharp knife in the other hand, will abdomen lifts the lid like bell a bit, exert oneself to do one's best is perpendicular downward plunge, even if be a living crab, tilt also do not move between moment, this pace is really cruel ah

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 3

    Take the kitchen scissors and insert them into the crab's mouth

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 4

    Pull the scissors up and down

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 5

    Naturally, the lid and body will be separated, you can see the yellow is a lot of crab paste

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 6

    Remove the sand sacs from the shell, then trim the shell. The left side of figure 6 is unprocessed, and the right side is processed. Compare it. Pull out crab forceps again, with scissors or knife back crab shell is cracked slightly

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 7

    Cut the mouth of the crab flat, and then the crab gill tore off, is the color of some dark gray things. The top of figure 7 is unprocessed and the bottom is processed. Then use scissors to cut off the tip of the leg, because there is no meat

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 8

    Remove the lid from the belly (the crab's umbilicus) and brush the belly and other parts with running water. Be careful not to brush off the yellow crab paste. Cut the crab in half with a knife

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 9

    Coat the cut side of the crab with a thin layer of dried starch

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 10

    Pan into the oil into the heat into 60, under the crab fry a few seconds into orange yellow

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 11

    Fry the crab shell with the same little dry starch inside

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 12

    Finally, the crab will also be Fried forceps, all oil control removed for use

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 13

    Cut green and red chilli and dry chilli into sections

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 14

    Slice the green onion and ginger and dice the garlic

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 15

    Pour ingredients A into A bowl to make the sauce

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 16

    Pan into the oil small fire Fried pepper and dried chilli, add star anise and cinnamon Fried incense

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 17

    Add onion, ginger and garlic and stir-fry until fragrant

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 18

    Successively add B - shaped carved wine and four kinds of sauteed sauce

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 19

    Stir in the sauce and stir well

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 20

    Stir in the Fried crab and cook for a few minutes

  •  Secret spicy crab 的做法
    Step 21

    Finally add the green and red peppers and stir-fry for a while


It is best to handle crabs with gloves to avoid injury. Because the crab can not eat dead, so buy back is alive. Live crab can also be frozen into the refrigerator freezer halo reprocessing. The crab leg that the an buy was not tied up, so harm a sex bigger, the bird tried to touch it with the knife, it can very firm of its clamp, very difficult let its loosen. The advantage that USES drunk dizzy crab is to be able to let its spit dirty thing, also conveniently crab disinfection, with one action a few! The crab clamps shell is patted crack slightly, it is good to enter flavour, 2 it is convenient edible, won't bite when wanting to eat not to open or break not to open. In general, the crab must be Fried together to set the shape. Crab shape this step can not be saved, the crab will stick to the cut side of some starch Fried, so that the Fried crab does not loose, crab meat will not loose. Fried time should not be too short, although the crab meat is relatively cooked, but also to give it a tasty time, stir fry for a few minutes is necessary. The bird USES four kinds of sauce to cook the crab, and the taste is very good. Since both soy sauce and sauce are very salty, no salt should be added when frying. If you don't have so many sauces, you can keep two fewer. Of course, you can also put some of your favorite other sauce, in short, the use of spicy sauce in this dish is essential. Crab sex is cold, so asthenic cold constitution and stomach cold person cannot eat more. No matter how to eat, to add ginger or some spices to be mixed, more beneficial to the body.


Secret spicy crab