Scrambled eggs with tomato

 Scrambled eggs with tomato 的做法
tomatoes three
eggs three
White sugar 2 TBSP
salt Appropriate amount
Vegetable oil Appropriate amount
  • Step 1

    Cut up the tomatoes and beat the eggs.

  • Step 2

    Heat the wok with oil and add the beaten eggs. Remove and set aside.

  • Step 3

    If there is a little oil left in the pot, just add the tomato, add the sugar after stir-frying, add the egg before stir-frying, add salt and stir well.

  •  Scrambled eggs with tomato 的做法
    Step 4

    Cook, cook!


1, about tomatoes scrambled eggs, add or not add sugar more authentic, is a topic of debate for a long time, I think added sugar can neutralize the acid of tomatoes, but also fresh, so that Fried dishes taste more delicious! 2, how much juice from tomatoes when adding eggs is better? If as a stir-fry, just will be added to the juice as well; If do rice or rice to eat, slightly out of the juice is good; If you do brine noodles, the more juice the better, but also add eggs and add a little water simmer for a while to make the juice fusion!


Scrambled eggs with tomato