Fried beef in double eggplant sauce

 Fried beef in double eggplant sauce 的做法
  • Step 1

    Eggplant three oblique knife cut finger size blocks, and then put some salt marinate evenly, for a while the eggplant water pressure out, like wring a towel, and then from the pot, into the oil, oil hot, put the eggplant Fried until golden soft. Take it out for

  • Step 2

    Beef slices smaller than eggplant tintin, oil, egg white, pepper, salt, ginger, and yellow wine marinate 15 minutes. Put more oil in the pan, add the beef and let it slide until it is cooked

  • Step 3

    For oil in the pan, put the garlic, ginger, scallions, bay leaf, stir-fry, into the old dopted mother (like put more, or add some hot peppers), red onion cake, out for a while, add beef return gift endure awhile half bowl of water, and juice left half of the time to join the carrot slices, then add the eggplant, stir evenly, add soy sauce, salt to taste, appropriate if water can be more flour can be out of the pot


1 the beef marinated with egg white is relatively tender, the oil temperature after sliding water does not leak, the meat remains fresh and tender. Marinated beef is not recommended to put soy sauce, so the beef flavor is not original! 2 eggplant with salt is very easy to get out of water, go out of water when Fried eggplant without oil, and greatly shorten the time of Fried eggplant 3 like spicy can increase the small pepper dry, do not like spicy can not old dry mother, increase the amount of ginger and onion, and then use black beans! 4 because add radish, have sweet taste, do not need to add sugar seasoning!


Fried beef in double eggplant sauce