Stewed meat with black bean sauce

 Stewed meat with black bean sauce 的做法
Pork belly with skin 400 g
Smoked bean curd 3 pieces (slightly less than pork belly)
Black beans (dried black beans are best) A pack of
Green ginger garlic Appropriate amount
Dried chilli 5 only
  •  Stewed meat with black bean sauce 的做法
    Step 1

    Choose hairless before the clip pork belly is good, if there is hair, skin, or affect the taste. Wash the pork belly and cut into small pieces one centimeter square. Drain the water

  •  Stewed meat with black bean sauce 的做法
    Step 2

    Dry clean the beans and cut them into 1-centimeter cubes

  •  Stewed meat with black bean sauce 的做法
    Step 3

    Supermarkets buy vacuum-packed tempeh and recommend dried tempeh, which ensures its original flavor and is low in moisture and won't rot when cooked. I can't find dried black beans in the supermarket near here, so I bought this kind of black beans. (Beijing tempeh is not recommended as it tends to be sweet, so if it's dried tempeh, you can lightly rinse with water to avoid saltiness and sand.)

  • Step 4

    Heat the oil in the wok and add the scallion, ginger, garlic and dried chilli until fragrant

  • Step 5

    Add drained pork belly, do not put salt too early at this time, so that the meat will be very hard, slightly stir-fried until the oil is about to add dried beans

  • Step 6

    Add appropriate amount of dark soy sauce for coloring, then add black bean sauce, stir well and then cook in hot water, cover the dish in the pot and turn to low heat for braising

  • Step 7

    When the sauce in the pot is half dried, add a small amount of salt, because tempeh and dark soy sauce already have a salty taste, mainly rely on the seasoning of tempeh, so must put less salt, so as not to be too salty. Finally hang into a small amount of sugar, fresh, maintain the right amount of soup, can be pot


1. The core of this dish is the fresh flavor of tempeh, so pay attention to not too salty when seasoning. 2


Stewed meat with black bean sauce