Italian bread (panasonic bread maker)

 Italian bread (panasonic bread maker) 的做法
The main ingredient A
Bread flour 225 g
Strong flour 25 g
salt 5g (small 1)
Olive oil 24g (large 2)
Cold water (5 ℃) 170 ml
Dry yeast powder 1.4g(小1/2 )
Ingredients B Add no more than 100g according to personal preference
Chop dried tomatoes in oil 20 g
Qi shan su sausage chopped 1 the root 20 g
Dry parsley powder The little one
Dried rosemary The little one
Colored pepper grain The little one
Dried basil powder The little one
  • Step 1

    Install the bread blade, add the measured material A except yeast into the bread barrel, add water around the flour, and add yeast into the yeast box.

  •  Italian bread (panasonic bread maker) 的做法
    Step 2

    Set the French bread program 7, the fruit button to have the sound to remind you to join, gently stir, press the start.

  •  Italian bread (panasonic bread maker) 的做法
    Step 3

    After about 40 minutes ~1:25, the toaster will feed automatically or give an alarm to manual feeding. Put in 5mm chopped lycopene sausage and crushed dried herbs. The total quantity shall not exceed 100g.

  • Step 4

    The French bread process takes about 5 hours. Click cancel after you make a beep.

  •  Italian bread (panasonic bread maker) 的做法
    Step 5

    Put on thick insulating gloves and take out the bread barrel. Let it cool for two minutes and then pour out the bread.

  •  Italian bread (panasonic bread maker) 的做法
    Step 6

    Slice or slice


2. The bread model number is sd-bms106 of panasonic


Italian bread (panasonic bread maker)