Four fresh gluten

 Four fresh gluten 的做法
  • Step 1

    1. Fungus: soak and wash the hair (the soaking time should not exceed three hours) & NBSP; & have spent Mushroom: wash and soak the hair (put some in the warm water when soaking & NBSP; Sugar, so fresh, and soak the water kept mushroom). & have spent Daylily: after the bubble with boiling water, oil alone Fried incense (but also oil), spare & NBSP; & have spent Gluten: cut in half & NBSP; & have spent Peanut: bubble with lukewarm water, can not boil. (I like to cook with various ingredients, tasty and fragrant)

  • Step 2

    2. Put oil in the pot, fry scallions and ginger, add aniseed, cinnamon and dried chilli, and pour in gluten and other raw materials (day lily can be added later).

  • Step 3

    3. Add salt and vinegar cooking wine, dark soy sauce, rock sugar and mushroom water (do not use the raw material), and reduce the heat for 10-15 minutes

  • Step 4

    4. Add day-lily and sesame oil 5 minutes before going out of the pot and stir well


Never pour out the water soaked with shiitake mushrooms. When the soup is good, the gluten can be replaced by the baked bran. According to personal preference, the day-lily can be blanched in hot water, or it can be stir-fried, so that it is fragrant and tender


Four fresh gluten