Seafood porridge

 Seafood porridge 的做法
  •  Seafood porridge 的做法
    Step 1

    Soak the scallops in water and then marinate the clam meat with chopped scallions, ginger slices, a little cooking wine and black pepper for a while to remove the fishy taste

  •  Seafood porridge 的做法
    Step 2

    The rice was soaked overnight the night before. The rice cooker selected the porridge file. After the rice soup came to the boil, I added the marinated seafood and continued to cook. Add a little sesame oil, depending on your taste.

  • Step 3

    It is best if the rice is well cooked but not swollen. Season with white pepper and salt. Fill a bowl and sprinkle with chives, sesame oil and white pepper. Serve.


White pepper, sesame oil, shallots, all based on personal preference


Seafood porridge